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Bakker Trailer Parts is a wholesale company, dealing in trailer, car and caravan parts and accessories. The company imports these goods itself. Almost all parts are available to order directly from our own warehouse. Our customer portfolio include retail companies, organisations within the automotive sector, wholesalers and trailer construction companies. We supply companies throughout the whole of Europe.

If you are seeking competitive prices and excellent quality, then Bakker Trailer Parts is the ideal partner. With our company, you can count on a swift and accurate service, irrespective of the size of your order. The combination of our expertise and experience with the excellent relationship that we have developed with suppliers in Eastern Europe over the past few years, this means that we are able to provide you with the best possible service.


Bakker Trailer Parts is a reliable partner within the fields of import, export en private labelling. We concentrate on a variety of products developed in Eastern Europe and the Far East. After all, these countries offer products for every possible price/quality ratio.

Bakker Trailer Parts also takes care of the packaging of the products. Packaging in China can save you a great deal of money. If you wish to receive products in packaging customised to your own house style, this is yet another service that we can provide.

We are confident in our excellent relationships with suppliers in Eastern Europe and the Far East. Thanks to these relationships, we can guarantee our clients not only high-quality products, but also highly reliable logistical processes.



You may choose to import from the Far East, because you are seeking to benefit from large order discounts. Importing is not a simple task however. There are multiple aspects that must be taken into consideration, including customs clearance documents, import and export licences and import duties to be paid upon clearance. It would be a much more agreeable experience, therefore, if you were able to delegate the entire purchasing process, from establishing contact with the suppliers to the shipping of the goods, to an experienced and competent partner.

This is something you can do. Bakker Trailer Parts has many years of experience in importing by means of container transport from the Far East. We have developed solid relationships with excellent, reliable suppliers, and we also take care of the logistical side of purchasing too. The reliable service offered by Bakker Trailer Parts is something that you can rely on. We cater for your every need: from large volumes of car parts, to camping and caravan supplies, tools and gardening items.