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Lighting for trailers

If you are looking for trailer lighting, you are at the right place. Our product range not only includes LED lighting for trailers and caravans but also for beacon lights, number plate lights and reflectors, in all shapes and sizes. Read more.

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Mandatory lights and retroreflectors for trailers

Trailers usually have at least 6 lamps and retroreflectors. A trailer must be equipped with (at least) the following lights:
  • Two taillights;
  • Two brake lights;
  • Two indicator lamps;
  • Number plate lighting;
  • A rear fog light;
  • A reversing light;
If the trailer is wider than 1.60 metres, then two parking lights must also be fitted to the trailer. 
Other than lighting, it is also mandatory to install retroreflectors onto the trailer, namely:
  • Two red reflectors at the back;
  • Two white reflectors at the front;

How do I choose the right lighting for my trailer?

Trailer lighting is available in a wide range of shapes and sizes. All our lighting is compliant with European laws and regulations. As long as the amount of lighting as described above is correct, you’re fine. Our stock of lighting includes Radex and Aspock.

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