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What is a breakaway cable?

Of course you don’t want it to happen, but there is a risk that the trailer might become dislodged from the trailer hitch. When this happens, the breakaway cable will engage the trailer’s brake system and it will independently come to a standstill. The cable will then break due to the power of the vehicle.

Attach breakaway cable to trailer

The breakaway cable is fitted on 2 sides: onto the tow bar of the vehicle, and onto the braking system of the trailer or caravan. When attaching the cable, it is important that it is not only suspended as a loose loop around the ball of the tow bar, but also attached to a fixed component of the vehicle. This can be done, for example, by attaching a sturdy carabiner to the eyelet in the tow bar or to the jockey wheel clamp. This will prevent the cable from dislodging from the tow bar.

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