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Horse trailer parts

 If you are looking for horse trailer parts, you are at the right place. We sell all the spare parts you need for your trailer. Readily available ex-stock. Read more.

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Commercial ordering of horse trailer parts

We are the leading B2B supplier and importer specialised in parts for horse trailers. We continually update our product range, so we can always meet our customers’ needs. We have an extensive product range and all our spare parts are directly available ex-stock.
At Bakker Trailer Parts you are always assured of:
  • Reliable service;
  • Quick delivery;
  • Best quality;
  • Competitive pricing;
  • Ample stock;
  • Extensive product range;
  • Longstanding partnerships.
If you want to place a commercial order, we offer the option to order white-label products or tailor-made parts. The items that you have ordered can also be delivered directly to your end customer. Read more about this on our ‘commercial orders for trailer parts’ page.

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